Why Hire A Licensed General Contractor in Phoenix, AZ?

Why Hire A Licensed General Contractor in Phoenix, AZ?

April 30, 2019

Ready to start renovating your kitchen or finally building that dream deck? You’ll need the help of a general contractor. A general contractor is key to ensuring projects both big and small are completed successfully and on schedule.

Unfortunately, some homeowners try to keep costs low by attempting the project themselves or by hiring an unlicensed contractor. These seemingly cost-saving options can put your home and family in danger. They often end up costing more in the long run due to low quality work that will need to be repaired or even re-done entirely. Hiring a licensed contractor may cost a bit more initially, but it’s a long-term investment that truly pays off.

Not convinced? Here are four reasons to always hire a licensed contractor:

The Right Training and Experience

Contractors must complete certain standardized tests and training in addition to years of hands-on experience to obtain the appropriate permits and licenses from their local government office. This guarantees that they can meet a certain quality of work. A licensed contractor will have the right experience to deal with any situations they encounter during the course of a project.

Offers Contractor Insurance

Hiring a licensed contractor is the only way to ensure your protected in case something goes wrong. A licensed contractor carries liability insurance. Liability insurance is protection from bodily and personal injury, in addition to any property damage that could occur during the renovation. You could find yourself paying thousands of dollars in medical and repair costs if an accident were to occur without it.

Meets all Local and State Requirements

The State of Arizona has specific and complex building codes in place to maintain both safety and quality. All licensed contractors are required to meet these standards. Failing to do so could result in huge fines. Plus, the work will then have to be completed again to comply with code.

A licensed full-service electrical contractor in Phoenix, AZ will know the ins and outs of the state requirements, so the safety inspections will be passed the first time. This is especially important when it comes time to sell the home. A potential buyer could pull out if the seller can’t provide the required permits pulled for the project.

High Quality Work Done Right

There’s no guarantee that an unlicensed contractor will follow the necessary steps to complete a project safely and according to schedule. However, a licensed contractor follows a systematic approach to their projects.

Typically, they will plan out each stage of the project before they start working. They will also prioritize communication with the homeowner from the conception stage until the project is completed. A licensed contractor will provide the client with a cost estimate that includes a breakdown of all parts and labor before sealing the deal with a signed legal contract.

It pays to hire a licensed general and electrical contractor in Phoenix, AZ! Ready to start your upcoming project? Then call Super Cool Service today. Our family-owned and -operated business provides our clients with exceptional contracting services.

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