Some Popular Home Renovation Ideas for Summer

Some Popular Home Renovation Ideas for Summer

July 1, 2019

Summer is a great time to refresh your home with a renovation project, but it can be challenging to determine what kind of project is right for your property. There are so many different options available to you, and lots of different benefits and considerations that you will have to take into account before you can make the right decision for your home. If you’re on the fence about what kind of project to tackle, consider a few of the most popular summer renovation projects. Here are some ideas from a general contractor in Phoenix, AZ:

  • Build an addition: One of the most popular home improvement projects is building an addition. You can build a new bedroom to expand the space in your home, or simply add to expand an existing room. This is a great option for growing families who need some more space to move around in. Summer is a great time to complete a home addition project because the warmer weather enables your remodeling contractor in Phoenix, AZ to complete construction without the complications of freezing temperatures and heavy precipitation.
  • Replace your roof: On average, asphalt shingle roofing lasts about 20 years. As your roof gets older, you’re more likely to experience issues like missing shingles and leaks that damage your home’s structural integrity. Since most of the complications associated with roof damage occur during the winter and spring, when precipitation increases, it’s a good idea to get your roof replaced or repaired during the summer so that you’re prepared for the more extreme weather later in the year.
  • Upgrade flooring: Upgrading your flooring can make a big difference in the overall aesthetic appeal of your space. Replacing carpeting or refinishing hardwood flooring can elevate your space and make it look a lot more polished. Since upgrading flooring can produce a lot of dust, it’s helpful to promote air circulation by opening the windows, and this is typically easiest during the summer months, when you don’t have to worry about freezing temperatures or rain.
  • Paint your space: It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a space. Simply refreshing your home’s interior with some new paint can make it feel lighter, brighter and cleaner. There are so many different paint colors, shades and finishes that you can choose from depending on your particular taste, which means you can really get creative with your painting project. Summer is a great time to paint since it’s easier to promote ventilation, and it gives you the opportunity to create a more refreshing space for seasonal entertaining and relaxing.

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